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People Who Know Us Breathe Easier

Keeping Properties Safe & Clean

Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc., has been serving the ventilation needs of homeowners, apartment residents and building owners for over 15 years. We continually receive enthusiastic praise for improving quality of life by solving issues such as improper air flow, odors, dirty air ventilation ducts, smelly trash chutes in buildings and clogged dryer exhausts.

We are a resource to homeowners and property managers alike.

From laundry ducts, A/C units, HVAC ducts, to dryer ventilation system, proper venting reduces outside odors seeping into your kitchens and bathrooms and clean dryer vents helps prevent a dryer fire.

Speaking of Odors? We also have expert teams of technicians to clean, and disinfect your buildings trash chutes & compactors – with all natural cleansers.



Servicing New York City, Westchester County, Southern Connecticut, & Long Island


HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) Cleaning

Poor indoor air quality is caused by a dirty and poorly ventilating duct. Due to the build up of airborne contaminants like dust and bacteria, cleaning & sanitizing air ventilation systems is essential to improving indoor air quality. Medical conditions such as allergies and asthma may worsen when exposed to such elements in the air. 

Dryer Vent cleaning

Dryer fires are easily preventable yet common. The highly flammable lint coupled with poor ventilation is a fire hazard. Therefore, the dryer ventilation system needs to be thoroughly cleaned to allow the air to flow freely. We recommend having the dryer vent cleaned or at the very least inspected once a year.

Video Inspection of Air Ducts

Cooking odors, cigarette smoke and stale air can all make life unpleasant for your building’s residents. It’s challenging to effectively address the problem unless you know what’s really causing it – that’s where we come in! With the help of a video inspection system, our technicians will look into the buildings air duct system to try to see what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Trash chute & Compactor cleaning

A trash chute system is a convenient way for residents in buildings to dispose of their garbage. After a while, all that dirt and grease turns into foul odors and attracts rodents. A yearly cleaning prevents accumulation and hardening of gunk. It also reduces foul smells while keeping pests and rodents away.

What clients are saying about IES!

“I have greater peace of mind knowing my ducts are cleaned and sanitized.”
– Barbara P.

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