Indoor Environmental Solutions



• Dryer vent exhaust cleaning to remove the lint which can easily catch fire.
• Trash chute & compactor cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing.
• Video inspection of building ducts to detect air flow blockages that may be disrupting air flow. 
• HVAC air ventilation duct cleaning and sanitizing.


Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc., has been serving the ventilation needs of homeowners, apartment residents and building owners for over 15 years. We continually receive enthusiastic praise for improving quality of life by solving issues such as improper air flow, odors, dirty air ventilation ducts, smelly trash chutes in buildings and clogged dryer exhausts.

We are a resource to homeowners and property managers alike.

From laundry ducts, A/C units, HVAC ducts, to dryer ventilation system, proper venting reduces outside odors seeping into your kitchens and bathrooms and clean dryer vents helps prevent a dryer fire.

Speaking of Odors? We also have expert teams of technicians to clean, and disinfect your buildings trash chutes & compactors – with all natural cleansers.

Servicing New York City, Westchester County, Southern Connecticut, & Long Island